Shroud of the Avatar offers Chronicles of Elyria fans a new home

from Andreas Bertits
The development of the promising MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria has been discontinued. Shroud of the Avatar now wants to step in for the community and offers everyone a new, virtual home.

The end of the MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria was a shock for some of the community. After all, some had promised a lot from the game. About becoming king of their own fantasy land. Catnip Games, developer of the MMORPG Shroud of the Avatar, now offer the community to play with them.

SotA offers asylum

The studio behind Shroud of the Avatar contacted the community of Chronicles of Elyria via Twitter: "Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. We are happy to offer your players a home in #ShroudOfTheAvatar. We are working something for new players to join us in. You can play for free and there are free row and village lots! "

Chronicles of Elyria was characterized by a community that was very willing to spend money. Having your own kingdom cost around $ 10,000 – money that is now gone after the game, of course. Shroud of the Avatar also sells many premium in-game items, including Cities for $ 9,000. Shroud of the Avatar has a very small player base, based on how Steamcharts can see (according to the developers, the Steam players make up about a quarter of the entire population in the MMORPG). Obtaining new players who are willing to spend a lot of money would of course be convenient for the game. Ironically, in the replies to the Catnip Games Twitter post, the Chronicles of Elyria community is advised against switching to Shroud of the Avatar. The MMORPG does not enjoy a good reputation, which is partly due to the quite eventful development history of the game.

Source: Twitter

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