Siamese fighting fish beat Pokémon game in over 3000 hours

Quite a feat for fish when you consider how poorly video games are optimized for marine life. The fighting fish attracted attention once during their Pokémon Sapphire run-through with a bug find.

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire

Even a bunch of fish can become Pokémon champions. In fact, these special fish have now played through the third Pokémon game in a row. On the YouTube channel Mutekimaru, the Siamese fighting fish can be seen on their long adventures in the Pokémon universe. Needed Sapphire for their latest title in Pokémon 3195 hours.

Here you can see the heroic last minutes:

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Admittedly, over long stretches of over 3000 hours it is as exciting as watching paint dry, which is due to the fact that the fish are not playing goal-oriented. That's because they're, well, fish. As can be seen in the video, the fish swim across fields using the arrow keys and the A and B buttons, and a camera with motion tracking makes the commands.

One fish attracted particular attention, Lala found a bug that no one had found in 18 years. Of course, like everything that happened there, that was pure coincidence. In some situations there is a little help, for example if a VM has to be used at a very specific point, but otherwise the fish do everything themselves.

To keep the animals healthy, they play for two in 12-hour shifts, So they are in the top third of the QA testers in terms of working conditions.

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Theorem of the endless typing monkey

This very figurative expression means that a monkey that types on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time has at some point reproduced every literary work in the world. Mathematically, this theorem has been proven with the help of probability theory, the probability is of course extremely small, but still a positive value.

The experiment with the fish and the Pokémon game has the same idea, and it gives real results – it just takes time.

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