Silent Hill: Sony is rumored to be working on a reboot

of Dominik Zwingmann
According to a recent report, Sony is likely to work on a comeback of Silent Hill. In addition to a reboot of the series, which is being developed together with Sony Japan and former employees of the original, the discontinued Silent Hills is also set to return. Kojima Productions is also said to be involved here.

After the eternal conflict between Hideo Kojima and Konami and the resulting attitude of Silent Hills, the horror series has become quiet in the past months and years. Rumors have only come to light this year that Silent Hill may be returning. In a report by Website "Rely on Horror" According to anonymous sources, it is now said that Sony is supposed to be behind a new game in the series.

Among other things, the team from Sony Japan is working on a "soft reboot" from Silent Hill. The report does not indicate whether Konami is also involved in the development. The makers of Siren: Blood Curse are also involved in the project, many of whom switched to Sony Japan after the release of the title. Masahiro Ito also appears to have returned to the series as a designer. In the past, Ito was responsible for the monsters from Silent Hill 1-3 from 1999 to 2003.

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Author Keiichiro Toyama and composer Akira Yamaoka are said to complete the trio of the original. In addition to the reboot, Sony should also be behind a revival of Silent Hills. According to the report, the relationship between Konami and Kojima Productions is currently being rebuilt. Production has not yet started. Just a few days ago, the Hideo Kojima team made some hidden hints about Silent Hills on the Internet. In addition, the studio would like to work again with actor Norman Reedus, who was originally intended as a protagonist for Silent Hills.

Source: Rely on horror

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According to a recent leak, two Silent Hill projects could be under development. One of them is a soft reboot of the series.

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