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When you combine World of Warcraft with Minecraft, great masterpieces emerge that are unparalleled in the virtual worlds. One of these works of art is the magical temple city of Atal'Dazar, which a WoW fan named "Shieldomirs" built stone by stone in Minecraft. Check out the pictures of his version of the golden city of Zandalari with us!

Atal'Dazar is the golden heart of the magical Zandalari tribe empire. The gigantic necropolis consists of countless small pyramids in which the mummies of the last Zandalari kings rest. The golden decoration of the temple complex, which was built in the middle of Atal'Dazar in honor of the Loa, even surpasses the splendor and splendor of Dazar'alor, the largest pyramid on the island of Zandalari.

Royal rest and the mystical temple of Atal'Dazar are two of the Battle for Azeroth dungeonsin which the final chapters of the Zandalari campaign play. However, the two instances are only a small part of the overall system, which extends across the valleys and mountains of Zandalar. Various players got lost in this dense jungle of forest, water and stone at the beginning of BfA. Only with the activation of the flight mounts could the players see the full glory and splendor of the entire temple and pyramid complex.

The overwhelming beauty of Atal'Dazar inspired the WoW fan Shieldomirs so much so that he reproduced the system in Minecraft in great detail. His version of Atal'Dazar is said to be exactly the same as his WoW role model and even the same size as the Atal'Dazar dungeons from World of Warcraft (buy now for 14.54 €). On Twitter you can take a closer look at the impressive screenshots of Atal'Dazar in Minecraft:

According to Shieldomirs, the reconstruction of the area took about a month. The golden city was built on the popular Builder's Refuge (a dedicated Minecraft server for inventors and architecture fans). The map with the temple complex is currently set to private and is therefore not available for a walk. However, the artist is considering inviting some visitors to explore his masterpiece to their heart's content. We are excited to see how the card will be received by Minecraft and WoW fans!

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