Who doesn’t know the young Duchess Elisabeth, better known by her nickname Sisi? In addition to the film classics, there are many other media implementations of her life story, and comedian Michael “Bully” Herbig has tried it too. Now Netflix wants to offer the historical figure a stage with the six-part German series “The Empress”.

The Empress: That’s what it’s about

The pivotal point of the story is of course Sisi herself. When the young Duchess falls in love with the Austrian Emperor Franz and marries him, her life changes suddenly. The new situation at the imperial court is unusual for her, not least because she and her mother-in-law Sophie, the most powerful lady at the Viennese court, first have to settle their differences.

Maxi, Franz’s brother, also really stirs up Sisi’s life. Because the second-born is in the shadow of his brother, but the sudden closeness to Sisi puts both him and the newly married Empress in a new light. In addition to love and intrigue at court, political unrest is also an important issue, as the troops of the Habsburg Empire threaten to invade the country.

Location, actors and other responsible persons

While Sisi is played by Devrim Lingnau, Philip Froissant slips into the role of Franz. Archduchess Sophie is played by Melika Foroutan and Franz’s brother Maxi is played by Johannes Nussbaum. The directors are Katrin Gebbe, who was already responsible for “Pelikanblut”, and Florian Cossen, who was the director of “Mitten in Deutschland: NSU”.

Incidentally, the six-part series is shot entirely in Germany, with historical places and castles serving as backdrops. Filming has just started, but there is no release date yet.

Those: Netflix

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