The first-person military shooter Six Days in Fallujah tells the story of the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004 after Al Qaeda took control of one of the most important cities in Iraq. Even if the scenario based on a true story sounds quite political, the shooter shouldn't make a political statement.

It's about urban warfare

"For us as a team, it's really about helping the players understand the complexity of urban struggle," says Peter Tamte from publisher Victura in an interview. "It's about the experiences of this individual who is there now because of political decisions. And we want to show how decisions made by politicians influence the decisions (a Marine) has to make on the battlefield. Just like this ( Marine) cannot question the decisions of politicians, neither are we trying to make a political comment on whether or not the war itself was a good or bad idea. "

The team's aim is to show how soldiers feel and behave when they find themselves in such situations based on political decisions. The Battle of Fallujah is one of the toughest military conflicts between Western troops since 1986. It remains to be seen whether or not a political statement will be made, because choosing this scenario and showing how political decisions affect soldiers somehow sounds good according to a political statement. Six Days in Fallujah should appear for PC in 2021.

Source: VG247

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