In mid-February, publisher Victura announced that the shooter Six Days in Fallujah was not trying to make a political commentary on the Second Battle of Fallujah in 2004. But now they do things differently.

A shooter with a political message

Now it says: "We understand that the events we are recreating with Six Days in Fallujah are inevitably linked to politics." The game tells its story through both gameplay and documentaries in which military personnel and civilians have their say and talk about the Iraq war. In these films, the political decisions that led to the situation at that time are also discussed. You won't be able to use phosphorus bombs in the game, but this is an issue in the documentaries.

During the missions you will find yourself in real scenarios of the military and civilians from the Second Battle of Fallujah, in which you have to face challenges and experience urban warfare from a very specific perspective. "We believe that the stories of this generation's victims should be told by the marines, soldiers and civilians who were there," the publisher said. "We believe that you will find the game and the events it recounts complex."

Six Days in Fallujah should appear for PC in 2021. Then we learn how political the shooter really is and how close it gets to the real events of 2004, when Al Qaeda took control of one of the most important cities in Iraq.

Source: Twitter



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