With Six Days in Fallujah, Highwire Games is bringing a military shooter onto the market that is supposed to represent a real military strike carried out during the Iraq war in the form of a video game. It is a brutal attack carried out by British, American and Iraqi troops against the insurgents in the eponymous city, which was populated by civilians at the time of the operation. As a basis for the game, numerous US Marines involved in the mission were consulted by the development team. Originally announced for a 2010 release, Six Days in Fallujah was dropped by then-publisher Konami after protests from veterans, their families and the conservative British newspaper The Daily Mail. Twelve years later, it will now be distributed by Victura Games and come onto the market as a first instead of a third person shooter.

You can find ours here Column around the (new) controversy zu Six Days in Fallujah

As David Jaffe claims in his podcast, the title is said to have been in development at Sony for a time. The Santa Monica Studios, where God of War was also developed, is said to have worked on the project. Jaffe had already claimed this in 2012. At that time he wrote that the project had been included in the Sony portfolio under the direction of Allan Becker before he left the Santa Monica Studios for Japan. In the course of the process, however, the publisher should have made a different decision. Jaffe and guest John Garvin (Days Gone) stated that the nature of the game is probably too delicate to satisfy a large studio and the demands that come with it.

“Every time the game became what [die Entwickler] wanted a realistic view of war, companies said ‘no thanks’ “, said Jaffe.” In the climate in which we find ourselves, you kick [damit] literally on landmines, “added Garvin. The Days Gone developer previously called Six Days in Fallujah” hurrapatriotic “(timecode: 2:16:00), but noted that the idea of ​​a shooter from the perspective of a foot soldier was quite exciting However, he would like a focus on story and a less one-sided presentation.

Those: Youtube/David Jaffe, Playstationlifestyle.net


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