How often? All around the pirate MMO Skull and Bones simply does not want to rest. Since the official announcement at E3 in 2017, there have already been numerous postponements and a complete restart of development. Most recently it was heard that the game is not expected to be released before March 2022 – and now the next bad news will follow. Allegedly, the work on the project had to be restarted from scratch.

At least that’s what a recent report by Game Luster magazine suggests. This refers to an unspecified source, which is probably very close to the action and has relevant information. Accordingly, the restart of the development of Skull and Bones lies (buy now 70,77 € ) at Ubisoft Singapore a few months back and coinciding with the sexual harassment allegations that the studio has faced. However, it is not known whether there is a direct link between these two events.

A Sea of ​​Thieves clone?

The Game Luster report also shows that the early alpha version of the restart version differs significantly from the earlier concepts. The game is now presented from a first-person perspective while the character is on board a ship. As soon as he goes ashore, he changes to the third-person view. There ought to be some similarities with Sea of ​​Thieves. Furthermore, the work on the new version of Skull and Bones should currently be in a very early phase, so that even a release in 2022 cannot be considered guaranteed. Ubisoft has not yet issued a statement on the report.

Those: Game Luster

Skull & Bones: Pirate Sea Battles in the video preview

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