"Skyrim 2020" with high resolution textures for the RPG

of David Martin
New texture packs are available for download for the Skyrim Special Edition. The modder "Pfuscher" has updated its well-known mod – the new extension "Skyrim 2020" has recently been available for download. The approximately 4 gigabyte mod replaces numerous textures from the original game and thus ensures a nicer graphic. According to the developer, the mod is also compatible with other extensions. Fans should know the package under the name "Skyrim 2017".

A new mod is available for download for the Skyrim Special Edition. Hobby developer Pfuscher has released the "Skyrim 2020" expansion. Fans should know the mod under the name "Skyrim 2017". The recently updated version contains numerous new textures for towns and animals. The download is around 4 gigabytes in size. The graphics of the Skyrim Special Edition are visibly pretted up with the textures. For example, Wei├člauf and Markarth shine in a new look.

The Download of "Skyrim 2020" you can find this link on the Nexusmods website. The texture package is compatible with other mods for the Skyrim Special Edition. So if you want to run the extension with other mods and tools, you shouldn't find any restrictions. Skyrim is available on a number of platforms, including PC and consoles. A version for Nintendo Switch also appeared at the end of 2017.

The role-playing game was originally launched in 2011. The release of the Special Edition followed five years later. The role-playing game continues to enjoy great popularity. It is worth taking a look at our news area. There we regularly present current developments from the modding scene. For example, we recently reported on the huge Skyblivion mod, which the role-playing game Oblivion ported into the Skyrim engine.


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