The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim has been with us for many years, but players are still discovering little secrets. Like a Reddit user who leads the community into a secret torture chamber in Bethesda.

Skyrim: how to get into the chamber

Skyrim is a game that seems almost endless and has a lot to offer thanks to the huge open world map. For example little secrets which are new to some even almost nine years after the release.

For example, Reddit user Xx_StevenHawking discovered the real Chamber of Secrets and reveals how you too can enter it. All that is needed is a console command.

Open the console with the “^ key” in order to then enter the command “coc aaaDeleteWhenDoneTestJeremy”. You will then be automatically teleported into the said chamber.

What is in the chamber and what is its purpose?

In the torture chamber there are three NPCs who have to pour coal into stoves in the dark and there is even a small feature: If you interrupt the character called “TestJeremySmall” at work, it will shrink. As the name suggests, “TestJeremyBig” is exactly the opposite. But what is the torture chamber used for?

Reddit users have an idea. "Dinowithissues", for example, assumes that the poor souls have to get Skyrim up and running with the ovens, and "crupp0" says that the huge NPC can sometimes appear in the regular Skyrim – an unsuccessful attempt to escape.

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Despite all theories it is clear that Bethesda used this chamber for testing, but it's always fun to discover these little secrets. Did you already know the chamber or did you discover a secret that you want to share with the community? Feel free to write it to us in the Facebook comments.