How much would the diamond sword from Minecraft actually cost and what would Elsa’s crown be worth? We show you 15 objects from games and films, for which you would have to dig deep into your pocket.

Have you ever played a game and wondered how much you would have to spend in the real world for the piece of jewelry that you particularly liked? Have you ever seen something on a show that enchanted you and then wondered if you could ever afford something like that? For 15 objects we have the answer for you.

Taylor & Hart makes bespoke engagement rings and jewelry, including pieces inspired by pop culture. They published a list of objects on their official website from iconic video games, films and series, of which you will surely have noticed one or the other piece. The company’s estimates are based on the material, possible gemstones, and the size of the pieces.

But enough talked now. After all, you want to see something.

In the film “Titanic” (1997), the beautiful jewelry Rose DeWitt Bukater got from her fiancé Caledon Hockley was, according to the script, part of the crown of Louis XVI. The gemstone has been transformed into a heart-shaped blue diamond, approximately 45 carats, in a white gold and colorless diamond setting.

If the heart of the ocean really existed, the necklace would have a value of around 280 million euros.

Princess Peach is rarely seen without her crown and what could be more fitting for her than a 175-carat peach sapphire at the center of the crown, flanked by Paraiba tourmalines of similar size and carats. Together with the metal, which costs around 43,000 euros, you get a total value of around 275 million euros.

No wonder Mario doesn’t want to lose her under any circumstances.

This glove, known from the films “Avengers Infinity War” and “Avengers End Game”, is not only powerful, it is also incredibly valuable. The glove itself is made from Uru, a fictional metal, the closest comparison of which was found on Jupiter. The value is estimated here at around 1,150,000 euros. However, there are also numerous gemstones.

The reality stone (red) is probably a ruby. This is estimated at around 17 million euros. This is joined by the commemorative stone (yellow), probably a sapphire. The value here is around 458,000 euros. The power stone (purple) is probably also a sapphire, which costs around 400,000 euros. The space stone (blue), again a sapphire, is worth around 344,000 euros. The soul stone (orange), again a sapphire, costs around 315,000 euros. Finally the time marker (green). This is probably an emerald worth around 200,000 euros.

If the glove really existed, it would have a value of around 20.000.000 Euro.

The necklace that Marilyn Monroe wore as Loralei Lee during the performance of “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend” in “Blondes Preferred” is one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry in film history. To create the luxurious look, two necklaces were used here.

The first is a tennis chain with nine pear shaped diamonds of 3 carats and 75 round diamonds of 0.35 carats. The second chain is a choker with a center oval diamond of 5.0 carat, approximately 105 round brilliant-cut diamonds of 0.90 carat and another 36 diamonds of 0.25 carat.

The value of the necklaces is combined to approx 1.000.000 Euro estimated.

Julia Roberts landed one of her most iconic roles as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman. Her most expensive look was a strapless dress paired with a beautiful chain. This consists of 22 heart-shaped rubies with a total value of approximately 15.4 carats, which are surrounded by 18 0.10 carats of diamonds.

The chain is so valuable that the chain was even provided with own security guards during the filming.

The piece of jewelry has a price of about 200.000 Euro.

The diamond sword is probably the most expensive item that can be made in “Minecraft”. In reality, a diamond of this size has to be found first, but according to Taylor & Hart you could use 2,722 diamonds to make the sword.

In the end, that would be expensive fun, because you would have to be around for it 189.000 Euro put …. on the table.

One of the biggest questions of the last few decades has been “What happened to Bella Goth?” The infamous “The Sims 2” character allegedly disappeared from her wealthy husband and children under mysterious circumstances and has appeared in every game in the series since then. Their history seems to vary, but their jewelry never. It is estimated that their green gemstone is equivalent to around 70 carats.

If the chain really existed, it would be about 92.000 Euro worth.

In 2013 everyone trilled the song “Let it Go”, probably the most iconic song from the film “Frozen – Totally Unabashed”. You probably didn’t pay much attention to the crown during the spectacle in the film, but it’s pretty valuable. It features a 4-carat pear-shaped, light blue sapphire in an 18-carat yellow gold crown.

If the crown really did exist, it would about 86.000 Euro costs.

The film “Black Panther” not only offers breathtaking backdrops, but also fabulous costumes. This includes the Okoye necklace, an 18-carat yellow gold choker.

This piece of jewelry has an estimated value of around 57.000 Euro.

In the “Game of Thrones” universe it is claimed that there is a single platinum dragon. Then it is fitting if the mother of the dragons wears one around her neck.

Daenerys handcrafted necklace contains an estimated 200 grams of platinum, making it worth around 26.500 Euro.

Zelda’s crown from “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is filigree and blends very naturally into her hair.

Presumably this consists of yellow gold and small rubies, which is worth around 21.000 Euro results.

In the cartoon, Princess Jasmin from “Aladdin” wears very simple jewelry made of pure gold, but in the live-action film it gets a little more colorful with a turquoise set.

The value of the chain will be around 17.000 Euro estimated.

Rachel decided to marry Berry in the iconic 90s series “Friends”.

The engagement ring should have a value of around 9.000 Euro to have.

The time turner from “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” is a device with which time travel is possible. It consists of a small hourglass set in ornaments. The number of times you turn the hourglass is the number of hours you travel back in time.

For the price of the time turner you would have to have the piece of jewelry round 7,000 times turn, because that would correspond to the estimated value.

The amulet from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is dedicated to the goddess Mara and opens up the possibility of marriage to the wearer.

If the amulet really existed, it would be round 7.000 Euro costs.

You would have to dig deep into your pocket for these 15 objects, but they all have their own distinctive charm and make video games, films and series a little more beautiful.

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