The sniper-ghost-warrior series continues and this time sends you into the desert. A lot of familiar things await you there, which will work a little better this time. We were allowed to play part 2 before.

A masked shooter, five large cards with about 20 orders, if you know that, he probably played the first part of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. The successor takes over a lot of what worked well in the first part and puts even more focus on the strength of the series by capturing particularly distant targets: the sniper gameplay.

CI Games sends you into the desert

While the Polish studio CI Games entrusted you with the support of a revolution in Siberia in the first part, the totalitarian regime that needs to be overthrown is this time in near East to find.

Of the five maps are three specific to sniper gameplay has been developed and two more are available as Sandbox-Maps designed on which you have to find your own way to the goal. The 20 orders are in total ten assassination targets with it. You work your way up through the henchmen to the assassination attempt on the leader of the regime. Other assignments can be, for example, sabotage or the liberation of prisoners of war.

An assassin’s tools

Your most important weapon is of course the sniper rifle. There are heavy, medium and light riflesthat differ in firepower, precision and volume. A light rifle is fast and quiet thanks to the silencer, but is not suitable for long distances. A heavy rifle cannot have a silencer, but it still penetrates certain types of cover even if it is more than a kilometer away.

You also wear one Secondary weapon like an assault rifle with you and one Handgun. Join in Grenades, Mines, Med-Kits and various gadgets. The highlights here are the drone for tracking down enemies and that Automatic gun, for which you can mark targets in order to trigger it manually.

With the money received for the orders you can buy new weapons or upgrades for your existing ones. In addition, gadgets such as drones or gas mines also have to be bought first. So at the beginning you are somewhat limited in your options. Besides, you get Skill points with which you can improve your character. In the skill tree you can find things like one Kevlar armor, new Functions for your mask, Improvements for your gadgets or skills that improve stealth.

Play session of the first map

I was able to play the tutorial and the first map together with the developers on the PC. The Zindah Province is one of the sniper maps and Blue rectangles mark for me on the map from where I should set my sights on my goal. Patrols and camps must be arranged on the way to these points. On the way to the first goal, I first mark the enemies and then sneak through the camp. I do two guards with one silent knife attackI am still interrogating one of them, as the guards sometimes reveal the position of their comrades.

Once at the lookout point, I use binoculars to search the harbor on the other side of a large lake for my destination. I mark enemies to find enemy snipers and take them out before I focus on my actual goal.

Is the goal found it’s up to me how to turn it off. Of course, the simplest method is a direct shot, but the port offers other possibilities. For example, vibrates a freight container over the running route of the target and a well-timed shot causes the metal block to fall on the target.

The gameplay with the sniper rifle is the core feature of the series. I need my scope at the right distance Adjust to the target and pay attention to the curve that the sight shows me. She’s helping me, Correct wind and weather influencesBut I also have to consider how long the ball is traveling to the target, which is a challenge, especially with moving targets. If the shot is right, it continues Bulletcam one and I can accompany the projectile on the way to the target.

I proceed in a similar way on the way to the other destinations on the map. I sneak and shoot my way to the viewpoints, mark opponents and look for my target. Another job would like me to paralyze two satellite dishes, for which I use the special EMP ammunition of my sniper rifle.

In addition to the orders, there are also on the maps Collectibles and i can try while playing To meet challenges. These can be as simple as killing a target with an explosion, but also extremely difficult, for example if I have to completely clear a special area of ​​enemies without triggering an alarm. The harder the challenge, the higher the reward.


Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 picks up where the first part left off. The History is rather negligible and not very original and is more of a linking element than a captivating aspect of the game. Graphically the game is solid, although I do played a pre-release version and therefore difficult to make a final judgment. It is unlikely that Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 will visually sweep you out of your quiet boots.

The Sniper gameplay feels great and that’s what matters in the Sniper series. The Stealth passages are solid too and even quite demanding on a higher level of difficulty. You are the classic glass cannon, with the 50 caliber rifle you can kill targets over a kilometer away, but if you stumble into a camp unprepared, the opponents will tear you apart pretty quickly.

My first run on Map 1 felt a bit slow and monotonous. With the first money and the first gadgets, however, new possibilities were added and the game gained variety by getting to know the gameplay features. A good keyword, because you have to provide variety yourself. The first three assassinations can basically be met with three bullets. It is up to you and your creativity to think about other methods and to use the conditions of the map.

On the first map they are compared to the first part much better distributed checkpoints noticed. Extraction points help you, when they are unlocked, to repeat orders in other ways and also offer the opportunity to visit the weapons and upgrade shop during a run.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is not a gigantic leap forward compared to its predecessor, but seems to have improved in many ways. If you enjoyed the first part, you won’t go wrong with the successor. Although the campaign seems to be lockable again in a good ten hours, the game costs just under 40 euros and the new gadgets, the different approaches and the challenges are definitely worth replaying. This part of the series is not an AAA game either.

You will find out what the final version of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 has in store for you at the latest on Release am 4. Juni 2021. The game is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.