A team of hobby developers has been working on a Skyrim mod called “Skywind” for some time – and it looks like fans will have to be patient until the extensive project for the Bethesda role-playing game is completely finished. In a video update on YouTube, the creators talked about the state of affairs. A few milestones have already been reached, but the team needs more developers who want to participate in the production of the mod.

Skywind is an ambitious mod for Skyrim that is supposed to add The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind with better graphics within the Skyrim engine to the fifth part of the series. In the update video there are already concept images to be seen, which according to the team have also been completed. On the Social media channels from Skywind would like to inform the makers about the latest progress of the mod. Further details are available on the website by TESRenewal and Skywind.

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