The end of 2019 is approaching with rapid steps and that means in reverse also that it takes only a few weeks until the Raid Instance Blackwing Lair in WoW Classic opens its doors. Due to the experience in the Molten Core, we do not expect a week long wipe festival for halfway experienced raid groups in business administration, but you should still use the remaining time to prepare for the coming challenges. What you can do in detail to facilitate the bouts in the next Classic Raid, we tell you in this guide.

WoW Classic: So you are already preparing for business administration!

Onyxia Bead Cloak for all!

If you want to defeat end boss Nefarian in business administration, you need the <a href = "" title = "Onyxia Scale Cloak"target =" _ blank ">Onyxia Scale Cloaknot just for tanks, but for the whole raid. You can and should already start building the cape for your raid – you need it already at the kite bosses in the middle part of Business Administration. However, this requires that you give a leather processor from your raid after defeating Onyxia the <a href = "" title = " Head of Onyxia"target =" _ blank "> Head of Onyxia give them the quest <a href=" the respective capital <title = "The journey begins first"target =" _ blank ">The journey begins first (Horde, Orgrimmar) / <a href = "" title = "The journey begins first"target =" _ blank ">The journey begins first (Alliance, Stormwind) receives. In both cases, <a href=" "title ="Pattern: Onyxia Bead Cloak"target =" _ blank ">Pattern: Onyxia Bead Cloak,

You need for the production

The Tailoring recipe for the ash cape you have to farm (at Thaurissan fire-breaker in the Burning Steppes, drop chance of about 3 percent) or buy in the auction house. The production costs

Boost your fire resistance

In the Molten Core and Onyxia, it is actually enough if the tanks increase their fire resistance to a good level. Even with Ragnaros it is not a problem that damage distributors and healers protect themselves "only" with fire protection drinkers. In Blackwing Lair, some bosses expect more dangerous fire attacks. Boss # 2, Vaelastrasz, has a fiery surface spell on a regular basis, catching the entire raid. At that time in Vanilla-WoW we had the following proviso:

  • Tanks: As much fire resistance as possible
  • Melee: 150 to 200 fire resistance
  • Remainder: 100+ fire resistance

Of course, some of the Tier Set parts will provide you with fire resistance, as well as the Onyxia's Hort Accessory Necklace and the Onyxia Bead Cloak. In addition, there are some good drops in the current dungeons and raids with lots of fire resistance, such as the Fireguard Shoulders or the <a href = "" title = " At the core forged shin guards"target =" _ blank "> At the core forged shin guards, You can also build various useful parts, such as the <a href = "" title = "Flimmerkerngamaschen"target =" _ blank ">Flimmerkerngamaschen or the <a href = "" title = "Dunkeleisengamaschen"target =" _ blank ">Dunkeleisengamaschen, In addition, there are enchantments (Argent Dawn!) Or the book volume of the hardening for head and trouser parts, and in the auction house you should also find one or the other part, which gives you neat fire resistance.

Farmt Holy Water of Stratholme

In the final battle of BWL against Nefarian you expect an intermediate phase in which all the add-ons of the first phase as undead skeletons are resurrected in one fell swoop. Your task at this moment is to pull them together in one place as quickly as possible and bomb them away. The item <a href = "" title = "Holy Water of Stratholme"target =" _ blank ">Holy Water of Stratholme Make this task a lot easier – the more raid members can hurl such water at the undead the better. Visit Stratholme and farmt Holy Water!

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Farmt Flasks, elixirs, potions and more

Even though the progress phase in Business Management probably will not take too long, you can still assume that Business Administration becomes trickier than the Molten Core. The boss mechanics are much more complex, the battles will take a little longer, wipes will happen. Of course, this is the first phase of progress you can make easier, if you already take care of the procurement of consumer goods. Ahead of course, expensive purchases such as vials, but also significant mana potions, large fire protection potions and damage-enhancing elixirs will be extremely helpful.

Alternative wands for spellcasters

In business administration we do not only meet various bosses, but also numerous trash opponents. Some of these servants, the Deathclaw Overseers, are vulnerable to one of the following spell schools: Fire, Frost, Arcane, Shadow, and Nature. Spells from this spell school deal 300% increased damage. The damage of the four other magic schools has been reduced to 75 percent. Which Deathclaw Overseer is vulnerable to which Wizarding School is randomly set for each Instance ID for each opponent. So you have to figure out the vulnerabilities of each trash group of supervisors first and then use spells from the appropriate school or use a suitable wand if possible. Spellcasters trained in dealing with wands can now get wands for all spell schools they can not access with their actual spells.

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

Once BWL becomes accessible, raids can finally get the Legendary <a href = "" title = "Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker"target =" _ blank ">Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker produce. Because then we first have access to the recipe <a href = "" title = "Smelting elementium"target =" _ blank ">Smelting elementium as well as the eponymous Elementium, What you can do now: get the remaining materials needed for the smelting process. Per elementium bar you need:

10 <a href = "" title = "Elementium"target =" _ blank ">Elementium you have to make a total of Thunderfury. In addition, you should of course visit Baron Geddon or Garr in each ID, after all you need the Shackles of the wind finder and <a href = "" title = "Shackles of the wind finder"target =" _ blank ">Shackles of the wind finder,

How are you preparing for the release of Blackwing Lair in WoW? (Buy now for € 17.31) Classic before? Have we possibly forgotten a point? Tell us in the comments!

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