If you want to level a little more in Red Dead Online, you should take a look this week. After a content update, there are a lot of experience bonuses and other advantages for the online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2.

It is raining again in Red Dead Online Bonuses and rewards, For some you just have to hold up the saddlebags, for others you have to work a little. There is a lot of additional experience to be gained especially for the individual roles.

As part of some role events in the free roam, there is the possibility 25 percent more experience and role experience to obtain. Prerequisite for the bonus is rank 4 in the corresponding role. The events are settlement day, crime hunt, trade route, condor egg and salvage. You can also find it under "Offers and Rewards" another 2,000 experience points for each special role,

You can also redeem yourself for completing a legendary bounty hunt, a dealer sales mission, the weekly gold prospector collection, and completing a Moonshiners story mission twice 1,000 experience points received for the respective special role. You will also find these bonuses in the break menu under "Offers and rewards".

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Other benefits are this week 30 percent discount on a rifle from the gunsmith and through the catalog of Wheeler, Rawson & Co. For PlayStation Plus members there is still a free color variant of the Leavitt jacket and for Twitch Prime members there is another 10 percent discount on rifles if the account with the social Club account is linked.

So there are some rewards this week – are you there?