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It is now possible to play the classic shooter game Doom in the world of the sandbox game Minecraft. This is made possible by a mod called "VMComputers" and a particularly keen hobby developer. You can find a suitable video in the message.

The minecraft sandbox game community is known for both creativity and productivity. In the past few years she has produced numerous replicas and other impressive projects. It is now even possible to play other games in the Minecraft world – in a fully functional version. A particularly avid fan recently even got the classic shooter Doom up and running in this unusual way.

This is made possible by a mod called "VMComputers", which was published some time ago. As its name suggests, with this modification it is possible to simulate a fully functional computer in the world of Minecratf. There was even a detailed instruction or explanation at Reddit about the functionality of the mod. In any case, it did not take too long until some particularly dedicated fans of this mod accepted and experimented with it. One of them was the Reddit user "DrunkMate", who set himself the task of getting the first person shooter Doom from the 1990s to work. You can see the impressive result in the form of a video that he recently published. In it he shows how he enters a house in the Minecraft world and runs to a replica computer. A little later he shoots through an original level from Doom.

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What do you think of this project? Would you like other games in the world of Minecraft (buy now for € 21.90) can gamble? Let us know in the comments.


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