If you’ve always wanted to take a closer look at the MMO Black Desert Online, you’re now getting an opportunity to do so. The only condition for this is a current Prime Gaming membership. Thanks to a cooperation between Pearl Abyss and Amazon, members have been able to try out the online role-playing game free of charge since April 7, 2021. You have almost exactly one month to do this, because the campaign runs until May 5th of this year.

During the course of the promotion, you can explore the worlds of Black Desert Online to your heart’s content without restrictions. There is also a free companion, players of the console version also receive the maid-fairy Irene. In order to grab these rewards, you first have to log into your Amazon Prime account and then visit the relevant Prime Gaming website. In addition, there are special rewards for the new seer at Black Desert Console. Here is the overview:

  • If the seer quest is completed, adventurers will receive great rewards, such as a 7-day advantage package, eye of the wise, atoraxxion chandelier and mount flute.
  • There are special rewards for adventurers who manage to get the Seer to level 62 before April 28th. These rewards include items in demand for crafting and character upgrade. These include Cron Stones, Advice from Valks, Gold Bars, Craftsman’s Memories, Laila’s Petal, and the Rare Shakatu Box.
  • Pearl Abyss has also unleashed the ancient Kyve in the hunting grounds. Adventurers who are lucky enough to find this will receive a large buff of 300% or more Talent XP or 100% Combat XP. Kyve happens to appear on the hunting grounds.

Quelle: Pearl Abyss

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Amazon Prime grants free access to the MMO Black Desert Online. (2) [Quelle: Pearl Abyss]

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