So you dance a raid boss in the ground

from Susanne Braun
Castle Nathria is the first raid of WoW: Shadowlands and there you can explore the way of life of the Venthyr – including dancing! The Vanion folks watched the Battle of the Council of Blood in beta testing and had a lot of fun with a real dance. Convince yourself in the video!

The Venthyr stronghold Castle Nathria is the first raid that awaits you in the new WoW expansion Shadowlands. For some time now, the WoW creators have been organizing tests of combat mechanics and bosses in Nathria, and the authors of have therefore ended up on the beta server late in the raid hour. They noticed that the fight against the Council of Blood has a rather unusual mechanic, because the whole raid has to dance. Not like Heigan in Naxxramas, where you just learned by heart when to run where. No, it is danced properly! Check it out in Vanion's video!

The actual game mechanics are called the dance of death or in English Danse Macabre. The effect occurs when Lord Stavros, Baroness Frieda or Castellan Niklaus only has 50 percent of the life points left. Then all the members of the council disappear onto their balcony and call each hero in the room to the appropriate dance floor. This is marked by circles of light on the floor. Anyone who does not run in will be shortened a head. As soon as you enter the spot, your action bar changes to arrow symbols with which you can dance forwards, backwards, to the left and to the right. Dance instructions appear on the screen and you have to press the right direction four times at the right time, like that Vanion people write.

If you don't do that, you end up stunned outside the dance area for thirty seconds and can only intervene in the fight again after the time has elapsed. Funny! Or also … frustrated, at least if there are much more draconian punishments in heroic or mythical mode. What do you think about this idea? Do you think that's good or have you already been overwhelmed with the Heigan dance?

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