Even if the hybrid console has been on the market for several years, it is one thing above all: stable in price. Nevertheless, good bargains are occasionally possible, now also for the new 2019 version with better battery life. We'll tell you here where you can get the console at the cheapest price – and ideally before the festival.

Nintendo Switch in price decline: console + Luigi’s Mansion 3 in a bundle

Even if the offer after Black Friday is a bit weak, we were able to make an offer that was worth it. The deal is only valid today as it is a. Therefore it says: Be quick, because you will not regret it. You currently receive the Nintendo Switch (new version) in neon red / neon blue or gray incl. Luigi's Mansion 3 for only 314.97 euros,

In comparison, you get the console up to date individually cheapest at Lidl.de, the console without a game including shipping costs 299.95 euros – but will probably not arrive before Christmas. The console is available for almost the same price at 299.99 euros at MediaMarkt – There you can pick up the console at a nearby branch and put it under the tree for your loved ones or yourself.

You can also get this from MediaMarkt Bundle of Switch (2019) and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Game as account-linked download) for 315 euros, can be picked up in the market or is currently available without shipping costs. From our point of view, Mario Kart is almost a mandatory purchase and otherwise costs 40 to 50 euros as a module, so this bundle is also recommended.

Nintendo Switch deals in the recent past

The new version of the Switch has been on the market for a few months now. At the end of November shortly before Black Friday, the previous best price for the switch without games and e-shop credit was just under 252 euros – but throughout November 2019, the console was also often available for 260 to 280 euros. We recommend: If you don't have time pressure and urgently need the switch for the holidays, you should wait a few weeks – in 2020 the console will surely be available again and again for well under 300 euros.

Price comparison loud idealo.de,

If you decide to buy a switch, you can also consider purchasing a Nintendo Switch online subscription. These games are available for free:

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Nintendo Switch Online: New free SNES games including Star Fox 2

We wish everyone who has decided to buy this console: Have fun gaming! You will not regret the purchase.

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