In GTA Online, the in-game account can never be full enough. So that you never run out of funds, some particularly resourceful players have worked out a method that will bring you 100,000 GTA dollars within about three minutes. The best thing about it: In principle, you can repeat the process as often as you like.

A just released video des YouTube-Kanals “Light Skin Gaming” shows you step by step how the method works. It’s not even that difficult or challenging, but at least it takes some practice. It is important to have the fastest and most error-free ride possible on a motorcycle. Here is an overview of the individual steps:

  1. Open the map in GTA Online
  2. Select the time trial option in the map legend
  3. Find a time trial for a player starting at Los Santos International Airport
  4. once you’ve highlighted this time trial, go to
  5. Sets the filter on the display of motorcycles
  6. Buy the Pegassi Bati 801 for 15,000 GTA dollars
  7. If possible, you can also buy all upgrades that are not absolutely necessary
  8. Startet die Time Trial
  9. Follow the route you see in the video to create the time
  10. Get 100,000 GTA dollars as a reward

Once you’ve internalized this sequence and memorized racing a motorcycle, it’s easy to earn up to a million GTA dollars in an hour. It is therefore the ideal method to fill the in-game account.

Those: YouTube

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