Memoria Misera turns out to be quite a hectic fight on the extreme difficulty of Final Fantasy 14, in which you can easily lose track of your opponent's abilities. Nevertheless, the challenge can be mastered even in a random group and without voice chat. So that you do not have to go unprepared for your first practice rounds, we have explained each of the three phases and the skills that await you in detail here. We wish you lots of fun and success with this boss!

<img src = "" alt = "The fight against Varis yae galvus not only demands a lot of practice, but also offers a good portion of Latin lessons.”/>

The fight against Varis yae galvus not only demands a lot of practice, but also offers a good portion of Latin lessons.

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Unlock Memoria Misera Extreme

To access Memoria Misera Extreme to get the orders from the Weapons of resistance who came into play with patch 5.25. These start at Keiten in Kugane (X12.2 Y12.3). As soon as you have completed the questline, you can take this test at Playwright unlock in Gangos (X6.6 Y5.2). This requires an average item level of at least 470.

Memoria Misera phase 1: process and skills

You will spend most of the fight in a group directly behind the boss and react to his various attacks from there. You will get to know most of his skills in the first phase. Each of his attacks is announced either through his action bar or through other graphic effects, so you shouldn't expect any surprises here. Nevertheless, you always have to react correctly and play with foresight if you want to be successful in this challenge. To facilitate distribution of some of the skills, a marker is assigned to each player at the start of the fight.


The fight starts with Altius, causing damage to the entire group. Then a blue cross symbol will appear behind each player. This triggers a line-shaped surface attack in the player's direction of vision. For this it is important that all players (except the active tank) gather directly behind the boss so that all area attacks run in a line. As soon as the blue cross is visible, you can leave your position to avoid the projectiles

Gather behind the boss so that the blue crosses of the Altius appear in a line.

Gather behind the boss so that the blue crosses of the Altius appear in a line.

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Alea Iacta Est

During the first Altius is active Varis Alea Iacta Est Act. He turns to a random player to then perform four large-scale sword attacks. Run right behind Varis and you avoid it. After the fourth blow, the boss will turn around again and make a final attack towards the group. So change the page here again in good time. Simultaneously with the final sword attack, the previously worked resolves Altius out. When dodging, be careful not to get into the trajectory of the projectiles.


This ability is a tank killer that must be intercepted by both tanks. If one of the tanks is dead or has too many debuffs, you can also use a cooldown for this attack, such as Holy ground use.

Ignis Est and yellow markers

Varis will now be the first time Ignis Est bet, facing a random player and marking their direction with a red cross. Ignis Est will then persist for a while before the attack explodes and deals surface damage. The size corresponds almost exactly to the circular marking on the floor, so that you have an orientation guide here. Also keep away from the cross, because an additional line-shaped attack is carried out in this direction.

At the same time with Ignis Est become both healers with one yellow distribution marker Mistake. Ideally, the group was split up between the two healers before the fight, so that everyone now knows where to go. For a better overview, a healer moves during the Ignis Est to the east side of the arena while the other is waiting in the west.

Before the fight, agree on who supports which healer with these yellow markers.

Before the fight, agree on who supports which healer with these yellow markers.

Source: Buffed

Rifle shield: Magitek shock

The Rifle shields are abilities that are cast by the boss, but the effects of which only become apparent after a long delay. So that you do not lose the overview, the energy charge of the current one Rifle shield displayed in your interface. Keep an eye on the progress bar to be able to react correctly at the crucial moment. As with all other abilities, rifle shields always appear in the same order in the first phase.

First you get it Rifle shield: Magitek shock to do. As soon as the energy bar is filled, all players are pushed outwards. You should definitely avoid touching the edge of the field. Should this happen, you will be locked in a stone prison from which you have to be freed. To Rifle shield: Magitek shock, will still be the boss Altius and subsequently Ignis est Act. So first gather behind him and wait for the blue crosses to appear, then leave the center. Right after the explosion of Ignis est the recoil takes place Rifle shield. So run back to the center in time or use it Unwaveringto neutralize the effect.

The triggering of each rifle shield is announced via an extra display in the interface.

The triggering of each rifle shield is announced via an extra display in the interface.

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Rifle shield: Magitek counter

Rifle shield: Magitek counter creates two shields around the boss. Be careful not to launch attacks from the appropriate side to avoid being thrown back. Before the energy bar is filled up, there is another one Citius that the tanks and healers have to respond to.

Rifle shield: Magitek-Bang and Ventus Est

Rifle shield: Magitek bang inflicts area damage around each player. To prevent this damage from overlapping, all players should spread out over the markers assigned to them before the start of the fight. Before you get there, however, you will face another new skill: Ventus Est announces itself with a green cross, which is also cast towards a player. Similar to Ignis Est an explosion follows, but this time it takes place on the outer surface of the arena. So stay close to the boss here. As soon as Venuts Est has exploded, you must immediately spread outwards so that the damage from Rifle shield: Magitek bang does not overlap.

Stay inside the circle mark for Ventus Est.

Stay inside the circle mark for Ventus Est.

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Phase transition phase 2: Vivere Militare Est

After the last one Rifle shield will with Vivere Militare Est the phase transition has already begun. Both tanks have to take the specified positions (similar to the Ravanna fight) and then continuously hammer the action button in their interface to avoid damage. The job of the damage experts is to: Bastard ram as quickly as possible while the healers should fire a series of cooldowns to keep the group alive.

Phase 1 process: Altius – Alea Iacta Est – Citius – Ignis Est – Assembly token healer – Magitek Shock (cast) – Altius – Ignis Est – Magitek Shock (effect) – Magitek Counter (cast) – Citius – Magitek Counter (effect) – Magitek – Bang (effect) – Ventus Est – Magitek Bang (effect) – Vivere Militare Est

In the second phase of the fight comes Random element into play: So the boss will be his Rifle shields now use in indefinite order. Each gun shield is then followed by a fixed pattern of skills that you can adapt to. As a new game element, you will occasionally encounter line-shaped attacks from the northern edge of the field, which are announced by blue crosses. Each of these formations has a safe area where you can move.

From the second phase onwards, this attack will make the fight more difficult.

From the second phase onwards, this attack will make the fight more difficult.

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Phase 2: Rifle shield: Magitek counter

We have a very simple combination here: After Rifle shield: Magitek counter you will only notice it Altius and then with Ventus Est to do. So first gather behind Varis and then run to his side. Be sure to briefly stop your attacks while the counter-shields appear so as not to interfere with the area attack Ventus Est to be thrown. At the end of this phase, the tanks need to be opened again Citius to calm down.

procedure: Magitek Counter (Act)AltiusMagitek counter (effect)Ventus EstCitius

Phase 2: Rifle shield: Magitek bang

This combination should not cause you any major problems either. On Magitek bang follows directly Ignis Estthat forces you to spread yourself outwards. This makes it easy to avoid both effects at the same time. Then both healers are again with the yellow Distribution markers Mistake. What is new here is that you also have to deal with the aforementioned blue attacks from the edge of the field. So stop already during the Magitek bang keep your eyes open for the safe zone and then gather in your assigned groups. This phase is also with a Citius completed on the tanks.

procedure: Magitek Bang (cast)Ignis EstMagitek-Kall (effect)Yellow distribution markers + attack from the edgeCitius

Phase 2: Rifle shield: Magitek shock

Here you will be dealing with another new game element: As soon as Vari's magical shock has worked, are by means of Support order several drones appear. Two of them mark random players with lines and explode shortly afterwards. These lines can be taken over by the tanks and the damage can be intercepted. Three more drones fire again and again with line-shaped attacks. The damage distributors must destroy these as quickly as possible. Even while you are fighting the drones, you should also pay attention to the surface attacks that are carried out from the edge. To do this, run into the safe area, directing yourself to the subsequent recoil from Magitek shock have to make calm. Here you can too Unwavering use to neutralize this. Another A follows immediately after the recoillea Iacta Estwhere you have to be behind the boss.

procedure: Magitek Shock (Act)Support orderAttack from the edgeMagitek shock (effect)Alea Iacta Est

Phase transition phase 3: rifle shield

After the boss all three Rifle shields has started, the transition to the last phase of the fight follows. Here will Varis jump to the edge and there with his Rifle shield protect. Your goal here is to destroy the shield before it gets his Altius– can end magic. In the meantime, however, you will have to deal with two abilities in a random order (pay attention to the action bar on the rifle shield): At Magitek flame you have to collect right in front of the boss so that the damage is divided among all players. Magitek spark however, triggers many small attacks towards each player. Spread out here in a fan shape so that the damage does not overlap. Use the approximate position of your marker in the room. Distribute yourself correctly and this part should not pose any problems for you.

Spread out in the second transition phase for Magitek Spark to spread the damage.

Spread out in the second transition phase for Magitek Spark to spread the damage.

Source: Buffett

The last phase of this fight is particularly chaotic again. Only a new ability awaits you here, but the well-known attacks are combined in a very mean way, which makes it particularly difficult to avoid them. The higher your damage, the faster you can end this fight. Nevertheless, it is advisable to lift the limit for the healers until you are absolutely sure that you can defeat the boss safely.

Phase 3: Fortius

Fortius is the last new skill you have to face in this fight. Two things happen: First, damage areas are placed at the respective position of the players. Just run as far as possible to the edge of the field. Then four conical surface attacks are carried out by the boss, rotating slowly around him. You shouldn't let the rotation irritate you. Just pay attention to where the last attack took place and then run to the appropriate place. If you do everything correctly, only a small step to the side should be necessary to completely avoid the damage. It doesn't matter if you are hit by the first attack – just try to avoid subsequent hits as much as possible.

With the Fortius, only a small step to the side is necessary to stand in the safe zone.

With the Fortius, only a small step to the side is necessary to stand in the safe zone.

Source: Buffed

The skills are combined in this phase so that after the Fortius always the trigger of the respective Rifle shield he follows. So get ready to distribute yourself in time or stand close to the boss. During this phase, try to keep an overview of the order of the skills as much as possible. If you are ever unsure, the best thing to do is to be hit by the blue attacks from the edge of the field – the likelihood of surviving them is highest here.

Process phase 3: Magitek Blast (Cast) – Fortius – Magitek Blast (Effect) – Assembly Token Healer – Citius – Magitek Shock (Cast) – Fortius – Magitek Shock (Effect) + Edge Attack – Altius – Assembly Token Healer – Venits Est + Alea Iacta Est + attack from the edge – Citius – Ignis Est + Alea Iacta Est

We hope that this guide will help you against your first attempts Varis yae galvus could help. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to use the comment function.

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