The action role-playing game Magic Legends takes you into a magical, but also dangerous world, in which lots of challenges await you. In order to defend yourself against magical monsters and sinister forces and to pass missions, you choose a class at the beginning of Magic Legends. Six of these are available to provide your Planeswalker not only with skills, but also with a first starter deck: the geomage, the mind mage, the beastcaller, the necromage, the priest of consecration and the dimir assassin. In this short class introduction we reveal the advantages of the necromancer when choosing your first class!

The necromancer

In order to destroy his opponents, the necromancer relies on deadly spells and dark awakening magic, with which he resurrects hordes of the undead. Curses and deprivation of life belong to the craft of this class, which primarily relies on black mana. The great thing about Magic Legends, of course, is that you can combine all of the mana colors to adapt your Planeswalker to suit your gaming preferences. However, a few basic mechanics and abilities are assigned to each class.

The necromancer from Magic Legends

Death and perdition are left to the enemy when you play a necromancer empowered by black mana.

Quelle: Perfect World / Cryptic

The necromancer, for example, wields a censer as a weapon, in keeping with the whole class fantasy of “curse, curse” and the power to forcibly (and perhaps with a mysterious grin on the lips) to draw the life of the enemy from the body. Liliana Vess served as the inspiration for the necromancer, of course! Because she also uses the darkest of all magic arts, necromagic. “Their spells corrupt the living and raise the dead from their graves.” How charming!

This is of course reflected in the skills of the necromancer

  • Primary Ability – Grim Drain: a lashing attack that deals damage, inflicts a periodic damage effect, and heals the player.
  • Secondary Ability – Grave Riot: deals damage to selected enemies and summons two skeletons to aid the necromancer.
  • Ability to help – Ruin of soul: rounds off the skills in a spectacular way.

The developers of Magic Legends said: “This master of dark magic is able to summon an army of the undead. The necromancer understands that life is temporary and even death can be useful. This medium ranged fighter deals considerable damage while he steals life. His class abilities give him support in the form of undead skeletal servants or a powerful aura of damage that heals the necromancer. Players who like wizards with powerful skills that compromise will have great fun with the necromancer. “

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Magic: Legends – Trailer introduces content from the open beta phase

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