What if the single-player adventure of a new RPG is over? Do you dedicate yourself to a new game or do you try your hand at the RPG again, this time with different decisions and a higher level of difficulty? Solasta: Crown of the Magister gives you a tool with which the community can ensure constant content replenishment.

Build your own D&D dungeons

In the role-playing game Solasta: Crown of the Magister, dungeons are the focus. These are full of traps, puzzles and monsters and you have to be very tactical to master the challenges. And you can create such dungeons yourself with the "Dungeon Maker" tool and then share them with the D&D role-playing game community.

“Ever since Solasta was announced, we've had players asking,“ Can we create our own adventures inside Solasta? ”That was a very important thought because in this type of game, people want the tabletop experience, so we've been rethinking that and it was complicated to make our development environment available to users. We use Unity. With that and all of our tools, development is a full time job. There are people in the industry who can use it. But for everyone else it would be just too difficult, too frustrating and too cumbersome to use, "explains Mathieu Girard, founder of the developer studio.

"We put the idea aside and said we had no time and we were hoping that maybe the modders could" hack "into the game to do it themselves. Then again I thought that maybe we could do something after all I spent my Christmas vacation trying to find a solution and built a quick prototype. The idea is to build a very simple editor. The big reference for us is Lego. You just drag and drop bricks and connect them. There you go the editor is located within the game, you don't have to download an SDK or texture sets or do complex scripting, as everything is based on visual scripting. "

The tool will not be available with all of its content at the beginning. The team is initially limited to the Necropolis set of dungeons, with which you can gain your first experience. Not only will it be possible to create corridors and rooms, you will also be able to burst doors, traps, loot and monsters. Later, other sets will be added with which you can create other dungeons. Solasta: Crown of the Magister is currently in the early access phase. It is not yet clear when the release will take place.

Source: WCCFTech

Solasta: Crown of the Magister: Trailer for free demo


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