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Sony Interactive Entertainment has sold more games from PlayStation 4 than previously thought. The manufacturer has corrected the recently published sales figure upwards. Thus, it now stands at 1.181 billion copies sold.

Just last month, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced it had sold more than 1.15 billion PlayStation 4 games worldwide. These are units actually sold to the end customer and not the quantity that was only delivered to retailers. But as it has now turned out, the actual number is somewhat higher.

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Sony has now corrected it upwards, now that more precise material for the manufacturer's estimates is available. Accordingly, the amount of games sold for the PlayStation 4 (buy now for € 285.99) at 1,181 billion copies. Last year, 274 million PS4 games changed hands. Incidentally, this number includes both the units sold via retail and online units. DLC or other extensions are not included. Incidentally, the PlayStation 4 itself has sold a little more than 106 million copies so far.

Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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