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Will there be a sequel to the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story or not? Now the director Ron Howard spoke up. In a recent interview, he explained that there are currently no plans for a second episode, which should silence the speculation.

The rumor only started earlier this week that a sequel to the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story is said to be planned for the Disney + streaming service. There were even references to the story of the second Han Solo adventure, which is said to be all about the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn and its leader Darth Maul. Chebacce and Lando Calrissian are also said to be back. An official statement or even confirmation from Disney is still pending, but at least director Ron Howard has now commented on the subject.

He already had on Solo: A Star Wars Story (buy now) Directed and would certainly be one of the first to hear about a sequel. In a recent interview on the "Radio Andy Show", however, he gave a very clear rejection of the rumors and speculations – with a short and clear sentence:

"No sequel is currently planned."

He did limit his denials somewhat with the word "currently". But at least in the foreseeable future we will probably not see a Solo 2: A Star Wars Story – or whatever a sequel would be called. Han solo actor Alden Ehrenreich had already declared several times in the past that he would slip into the role of a smuggler again. However, he linked his comeback to the condition that the screenwriters had to come up with a good idea or the "right version". However, this does not seem to have been seen so far.

Source: Radio Andy Show

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