Some cheaters are "grateful" for the ban

Recently, developer Rockstar made short work of the cheater problem in GTA Online and cleared the game progress of many cheaters. Many of those affected feel wrongly punished, others in turn perceive the reset as a "gift".

GTA 5 - Grand Theft Auto V.

Update from September 4, 3:28 p.m.

GTA Online: Cheats Have Been Caught, But Problems Remain

For a long time it was said that GTA Online was a multiplayer city that was ruled by cheaters and grievers with impunity. Now developer Rockstar has made a clear statement and a huge number of cheaters punished with a reset or complete ban. Many players lost the game progress of several years. A harsh but fair punishment that met with a lot of approval in the community – even if, according to many, the measure was taken far too late.

But there are also players like Marcel Moeller who are a little more critical of the situation. He thinks that some players no choice but to cheatin order to advance in the now disproportionate economic system of GTA Online.

"I.I can understand. Didn't play GTA for 3 years, recently back. With family, children and jobs you no longer have a chance to catch up with progress. The prices are so sickly exaggerated that you either have to grind for weeks / months or, in Rockstar's eyes, best buy Shark Cards. The prices for vehicles alone are abnormally high. I am not surprised that people cheat money."

In GTA Online it now seems to be a little fairer after the ban wave, but hopefully on the basic problem the measure doesn't seem to have changed much. Especially since many cheaters and glitch users, as they told us, have not been caught and many lobby troublemakers such as modders and hackers are also still at large. The question remains whether many cheaters will simply return with new accounts. The measure will probably only be successful for a very short time.

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We spoke to those affected by the measures and asked how they deal with their punishment and their loss. The players include both long-time cheats and those who who have only recently cheated.

Many find the punishment justified, others do not understand the severity of the punishment and a cynical part even seems in a sense "grateful" for punishment: They cheated because they didn't enjoy the game anymore, and the reset finally gave them a reason to stop completely.

ÖzCan Yavuz: "I got tired of the whole thing and saw it as the only way to stop. So it starts with everyone."

Leon Kaiser: "Unfortunately I uninstalled the game because the joy was lost when I received the message that everything had been deleted."" Are you grateful for the reset? ""In the end, yes, but I think it's a shame that you get banned if you make a mistake, money glitches have been involved the whole time (…) But I deliberately ignored these glitches, a mistake, direct ban , while it's a hard punishment to accept, Rockstar did the right thing."

Daniel Sun: "With that Rockstar lost me, I was always a big fan and had fun with the game, even though there are dozens of modders, glitchers, cheaters etc! I'm not starting from scratch again (…) I had a lot of fun with the game and made a lot of friends online. It is sad that two standards are apparently measured! I still know (extremely) many modders. They all keep playing, but I'm harmless! "

It remains to be seen how the situation in GTA Online develops in the future. Those affected by the anti-cheater measure doubt that it has resolved all of GTA Online's serious problems. For some, however, it fixed the "problem" they had with GTA Online in general. "I will focus on Modern Warfare and wait for GTA 6 to reach us and then we will continue where I was forced to interrupt, without glitching of course“, Writes Leon Kaiser.

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Original message from September 1, 2020, 11:52 a.m.

Rockstar has cleaned up the streets of Los Santos and punished many GTA Online players with harsh penalties. These players have made their way through the Use of an exploit cheated tons of in-game dollars.

The exploit was reported as "Apartment Garage Glitch" known and brought Millions of dollars in minutes a. It became possible with the purchase of real estate and a little trickery with the game menus. The method was so effective that Take Two even had to have YouTubers' videos banned to prevent the exploit from spreading further. Players who used this exploit now face severe penalties.

In a opinion Rockstar explained that players could face the following penalties:

  • Adjustment of assets
  • Reset all characters
  • Temporary suspension
  • Permanent ban

Rockstar did not reveal how many players it caught, but the outcry on social media can be clearly heard. Many players caught see themselves as the victims, "They would only have done what everyone did" and "The game basically allowed them to do it". They feel cheated of their game time and money invested, and some never want to play a GTA again.

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The community is basically happy about the approach, even if there are far worse cheaters in GTA Online. The users in this Forum thread to have no sympathy for those affected over, because they knew what they were getting into.

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The fact that taking advantage of bugs and glitches to gain an advantage in a game is not allowed should meanwhile get through to most players. Anyone who does something like this knows the risk. Whether the severity of the penalty was appropriate or not is certainly open to debate, but developers have to take action against players who cheat in their game.

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