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The developers are currently refining the recently released WoW patch 8.3. The latest hotfix has again made changes to the scaling of the corruption effects. We will show you what will change in these items with special effects.

With the recent hotfix, developers are changing the way some corruption effects scale. Are affected Infinite stars. Disfigured limbs. Gash and Whip the Void,

  • The damage from Infinite stars. Disfigured limbs and Gash is now based on the item level of the corrupted item. These effects previously scaled with the character's attack power or spell power.
  • The effect of Whip the Void now also scales with the item level of the corrupt item and is now triggered less frequently than before.

Prior to this hotfix, Corrupted Effects scaled with Attack Power / Spell Power. For some classes, this caused various skills or random bonuses to make the effectiveness of Infinite stars got out of hand and caused too much damage, especially against individual targets.

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These changes also fit the basic damage of Infinite stars Therefore, in the simulations you will find that the corruption effect no longer outweighs all other effects. The aim of the developers is to improve the effectiveness of the corruption effects per point of corruption and to adapt them to other effects.

An adjustment to the damage values ​​of effects such as Infinite Stars was necessary, but with this change the developers go back one step. Previously, items with a lower item level were also valuable if they had the correct corruption effect. Now basically only the item level of corrupted items and the hope of a high rank count. The new feature is very similar to the Titan Forged system, which was actually intended to be replaced.

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