Friday, July 30, 2021

Some players get brand new free game

For certain “Nintendo Switch” owners, there is a free game available. You can find out whether you are one of the lucky ones here.


Nintendo Switch surprises players with a new free game

Nintendo seems to be completely in the “Battle Royale” frenzy. After Tetris 99 and Super Mario 35, which unfortunately have now been removed from the eShop, is now namely the next retro game transformed into a competitive online game: Pac-Man.

In Pac-Man 99 you should make your fellow players hell hot by swallowing ghosts and swallowing them promoted to the level of your opponents. There are also new ghosts that you can collect to form a ghost train with which you can deal even more damage.

From today you can get a taste of the “Battle Royale” version of the classic arcade – at least if you meet the right requirements.

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How can you play Pac-Man 99?

As with every free game that Nintendo offers, the same applies here: You need Nintendo Switch Online. Since the game only works in online multiplayer anyway, you wouldn’t have gotten anything out of the game without an online membership.

An online membership for the Nintendo Switch is in comparison to similar online services though quite inexpensive. 12 months will cost you just under 20 euros.

Nintendo Switch Online Membership - 12 Months

Nintendo Switch Online Membership – 12 Months

Check out the Pac-Man 99 launch trailer here to learn more about the gameplay and interesting mechanics:

After Tetris 99 and Super Mario 35 comes Pac-Man 99. The “Battle Royale” game lets you play the classic game in a whole new way by having to assert yourself against other players online. What do you think of the new free game for Nintendo Switch Online? Do you have a look or are you just not interested in Battle Royale? Write us your opinion in the comments on Facebook!