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In the first official Sonic live stream in 2020, Aaron Webber, social media and product manager at Sega, spoke about the release of a potential new offshoot of the Sonic series. In the stream, he talked about future games becoming better with a longer development period and answered fans' questions about an upcoming release date of Sonic's next adventure.

During the first official Sonic live stream in 2020, in which all participants took part separately from home due to Corona, Sega product manager Aaron Webber answered questions from fans about the next Sonic title that is currently in the works. When it came to the development cycle, which lasted longer than usual, the fans asked, for example, when the next news would be in the form of trailers or the release date.

Webber replied that now you have to wait longer for trailers and news, as a longer development period tries to improve the quality of the Sonic games. Due to a tight schedule in production, according to Webber, this quality has suffered in recent years. He asked the fans for a little patience as he couldn't say much about the next Sonic project at this point. But as soon as there is information, it would also be shared directly with the public, according to Webber.

Last year, Takashi Iizuka, vice president of product development for the Sonic range, announced that a new Sonic game was already under development. After 2017 was a big year for Sega thanks to Sonic ManiaAccording to Iizuka, the next big step is Sonic's 30th anniversary in 2021. According to Iizuka, preparations for the anniversary are already in full swing.

After the very successful movie, you can be excited whether Sega uses the positive fairway and builds on it with the next Sonic title.

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