Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sony annoys fans with condescending tweet

Image source: Sucker Punch Productions / Sony

Potential PlayStation buyers are still waiting in vain for Sony to finally announce the price and release date for the next-gen console. Instead, the company is now encouraging relaxation – which annoys many players.

PlayStation 5

PS5: A battle of the giants?

There are probably only a few months left before the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X appear and Sony and Microsoft are still withholding important information. Although the appearance of the console is already known and the fans have been presented with numerous gameplay features, this does not help some with the final purchase decision.

Is this a battle between the giants Microsoft and Sony that is being fought on the back of the fans? It seems like neither would dare to announce the price first.

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Sony has now addressed the fans with a tweet, which backfired, however. While Sony probably doesn't mean the tweet badly and sees it as a humorous answer to the fans' demands, he seems condescending to many fans and out of place.

A short video shows Jin (Ghost of Tsushima) relaxing in a hot spring. Read the words “Find some time to relax and reflect”.

With this tweet, Sony encountered incomprehension and criticism from the fans, after all, they ultimately want to bring the PlayStation 5 to the man. The company may not have done itself a favor with the tweet. What do you say about it? Feel free to write us your opinion in the Facebook comments.