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Sony has released a statement on the chaos surrounding pre-orders for the PS5. There should soon be opportunities to pre-order the console again.

The hassle of pre-ordering the PS5 is still deep for some. They started without prior notice in the middle of the night from September 16th to 17th and the available copies were sold out within a very short time. Consoles are now being offered at moon prices on Ebay.

A new hope

Now Sony has expressed itself. It said on Twitter: "Let's be honest: The PS pre-orders could have gone a lot better. We really apologize for that. Over the coming days we will be opening more PS5 consoles for pre-orders – retailers will provide you with details. And it will also have more PS5s (buy now ) that will be available by the end of the year. "

So if you haven't got a PS5, you can regain hope. Because as Sony explains, you still get a few chances to secure one of the very coveted consoles.

Hopefully the next sales phases will go better than the first. Sony and also retailers such as Amazon, Media Markt, Saturn and Co. should urgently do something against scalpers who buy up larger quantities in seconds using bots. Limiting sales per person would be desirable. Some retailers are already doing this, but not all.

In addition, Ebay now and then takes action against resellers who offer their not even available copies at exorbitant prices. Offers are repeatedly deleted, but then reappear shortly afterwards.

So keep your eyes open for new ways to order the PS5. There will be more copies. How many there are and when exactly you can order them is not yet certain. According to rumors, it should take place on Tuesday, September 22nd. start at 9 a.m. – to start pre-orders for the Xbox Sereis X / S. But that has not been confirmed.

So just have a look at the well-known dealers, maybe you will be lucky this time:

Source: Twitter

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