Saturday, April 10, 2021

Sony brings functions that we would have needed years ago

Although the PS4 is no longer Sony's latest console, it is still diligently kept up to date with software updates. The last patch even gives the PlayStation 4 a new feature that players have been waiting for for years. Better late than never!

PlayStation 4

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Update for the PS4: Sony silences you at the push of a button

Although the PS5 has now replaced the aged PlayStation 4, Sony does not just drop the old console like a hot potato. On the contrary! Not only has the Sony boss already confirmed that they will continue to develop games for the PS4 – There are also new updates for the console.

The firmware version 8.03 can now be downloaded to your console. Whoever installs the update will have access to a new function. From now on you can Mute the entire Game Chat sound via the quick settings. You call the menu with a short press of the PlayStation button. This way you can silence all players in an online multiplayer game in one fell swoop.

And what else has happened in the tech and gaming world? In the GIGA headlines we summarize the most important news of the week for you:

Mute function for the PS4: New feature does not affect party chat

Your microphone is muted in the same breath – your fellow players can no longer hear you either. A function that would have been needed years ago! Good to know: The feature only ensures that in-game communication is prevented – the change will not affect your party chat.

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You can still hear the actual sounds of the game, only the voice chat is turned off. So if you don't feel like mute roaring players one by one in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, you can now do it by simply pressing a button in the PS4's quick settings.