The next-gen PS5 console will be launched in Germany on November 19th. On the evening of November 18 Sony invites you to a leek night event to celebrate the release of the console.

A show to mark the launch of the PS5

The live show starts on November 18th at 9:15 p.m. and is moderated by Johanna Klum. She will speak to gaming presenter Sofia Kats from Rocket Beans TV, comedian Torsten Sträter, actor and game design lecturer Uke Bosse, streamer and vlogger Trymacs and Let's Player Sarazar on topics related to the Playstation and its history. Even the PS5 (buy now ) is not neglected, because the console should be introduced to you. You can follow the live stream via the video embedded here or via Facebook, Twitter as Twitch.

The competition is particularly interesting. Because if you take part in the live stream, you have the chance to win an XXL Sony package that includes a PS5. But you have to follow the stream very carefully. Because in this the Playstation symbols appear in different places. You have to remember the order in which they are shown and then list this in a form that will be available on November 18th from 21:15 on the Sweepstakes page goes live. If you give everything correctly, then you have the chance to win one of the coveted PS5 consoles.

If you'd rather try your luck without the live stream to the Launch Night Show, you could be lucky on November 19th. Because on this day, dealers like Gamestop and Medimax want to offer new consoles for sale. Amazon in Germany is also back on this day. So keep your eyes peeled, there are still opportunities to get a PS5!

Source: Playstation blog via PC games hardware

Also popular with PC games readers Apparently there are again cancellations of orders for the PS5.

PS5: Again reports of possible cancellations

Buyers of the PS5 report that orders are apparently being canceled again. Playstation 5: Amazon announces supplies for some EU countries (1)

Buy PS5: Amazon announces new pre-orders for some EU countries

In addition to some retailers, Amazon EU has now also announced a limited contingent of Sony consoles on the release day. The system update 20.02-02.25.00 for the PS5 is available for download. (1)

PS5: New 886 megabyte system update published before EU release

Shortly before the EU release of the PS5, Sony released the system update 20.02-02.25.0.

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