Sony is not a big fan of crossplay, that became clear in 2018. For some years now, it has been possible for PlayStation players to play with their friends on other consoles. But only because Sony is getting a princely reward for this.

PlayStation 4

Was verdient PlayStation an Crossplay?

With games like Fortnite or Minecraft, PlayStation players can also play with friends from other platforms. As before unpublished documents show, however, this is only through the Paying publishers to Sony possible how The Verge reported.

The current one Trial between Epic Games and Apple brings to light several documents these days, Sony’s rigorous stance against one Crossplay function makes clear. Also Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny has now confirmed on the witness stand that the publisher has certain Compensation payments to Sony must do. He says the following about this:

“In certain circumstances, Epic may have to pay additional expenses to Sony. If someone initially played on the PlayStation, but then makes purchases on the iPhone, this can trigger these compensation payments. “

Sony is that single platformrequesting such payments. Epic had to agree to pay these fees in order to unlock the crossplay function in Fortnite.

These agreements also require publishers not to virtual currency to or from PlayStation, and there must be the setting to be able to switch off all interactions between the platforms.

Should the PSN earnings If the number of players on the PS4 remains the same, the publishers have to compensate for these losses with a monthly compensation payment.

Sony is getting a princely reward for the crossplay function, but the in-house games also pour good money into the cash register. This top 10 shows the most popular PS store games:

Sony has made a real effort to avoid cross-play on their platform. The prospect of additional profits could ultimately change the console manufacturer’s mind. What do you think of these agreements? Do you think it’s justified, or should Sony be even more open to crossplay?

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