The PlayStation 5 saw the light of day some time ago. Even if the PS4 will not immediately disappear from the scene, Sony now seems to be pulling the first models out of circulation.

PlayStation 4

PS4: First models are no longer produced

As Eurogamer reported has a Japanese dealer announced that certain PS4 models will no longer be available from them in the future. Including a 500 GB and 1 TB version in Glacier White, 1TB and 2TB version in Jet black and a 1 TB version of the PS4 Pro also in Glacier White.

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The reason for the lack of replenishment of these models comes from Sony itself. The console manufacturer provides the Production of these models final one. Sony has so far no public statement or comments on it.

In the recent past Sony published a message on in which it said the company had no plans to deliver the PS4 Pro in the future. However, this statement was deleted again.

The PS4 will still be supplied with updates and games for some time, but the PS5 will increasingly replace the last generation. So it is evident that the Production of the home console is gradually discontinued.

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No chance for the PS5: These PS4 games do not run on the successor

The end of production of the PS4 is approaching. Even if it won't be tomorrow. If you are not yet a proud owner of the console, but are considering buying it, you shouldn't wait forever to get it. Certainly the last gene can now be picked up in good offers.