Friday, July 30, 2021

Sony faces an absurd problem

Image source: Sony / 20th Century Fox

Sony has already caused displeasure in the past few weeks because the matter of pre-ordering the PS5 did not go quite so smoothly. But one would think that the group would manage to secure its trademark rights in good time. Spoiler: Nope.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5: a problem in India

The PlayStation 5 will be released in November 2020 and the console could already be pre-ordered in most countries, but not in India. Sony has still not given a price there. But that's not the worst, because it has now been announced that Sony is in India does not even own the trademark rights for the name "PlayStation 5".

We can look forward to these games.

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Who bought the brand?

The website The Mako Reactor reported that Hitesh Aswani from Delhi got the brand secured in India on October 29, 2019, three months before Sony came up with the idea. A case is currently underway that Sony will probably win, but the case is still causing a bitter aftertaste in the community, especially in India, because there you have to be patient.

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