The time has finally come: After a long period of secrecy, Sony is revealing the new user interface of the PlayStation 5 and introducing brand new, useful features that await you with the upcoming console.

PlayStation 5

You never have to leave your PS5 menu again

Sony finally gives you an insight into the user interface and the user experience of the PlayStation 5. One of the last great secrets about the upcoming console has been revealed. On the PlayStation blog you will be introduced to the new and intuitive functions of the PS5 user interface guided:

Sony has put a lot of thought into it and delivers a completely optimized and supplemented user interface for your gaming experience. Doing so will put great emphasis on Time saving, user friendliness and Immersion placed. With a few simple steps you have all useful functions at hand and you don't even have to leave your game or the home screen.

Of the PlayStation button will be your best friend from now on and give you the opportunity to practice Control center to access. In this you have quick access to your friends list, energy options or the download status of games or applications.

A great and significant innovation are the so-called cards which you can call up in your active game. These are reminiscent of tiles or widgets that let you call up individual functions. For example, it gives you access to breaking news to the games you have followed or with the game linked activities.

The activities are an exciting function that should make the gaming experience much more comfortable and clear. So you can yours Progress in the game Track down to the percent and this level by level, or even task by task. Also the estimated remaining game time for a certain section you will be shown by the PS5.

You can also more easily navigate the gameFor example, you can jump directly to individual sections where missions are still open. One really handy in-game activity is the upcoming one Game aid, with which PS Plus members have access to video aids, which make access to external guides and videos superfluous.

You can come up with a customizable Picture-in-picture overlay display a tip video while gaming. The picture-in-picture possibilities even go so far that you can watch the live Game broadcasts from friends without interrupting your current game.

Also the Chat and interaction options with friends have been extensively improved and now seamlessly intervene in the game. You can take part in chats with friends who can reach you via PS5, PS4 or the PlayStation Mobile app with a simple push of a button.

Sony also gives you new ones Multiplayer functions at the hand with which you can connect with your friends even more easily. Do you want to join a match your friend is already participating in? No problem, you can easily join in using the activities in the control center.

The PS5 home screen is made for 4K TVs

With the PS5 home screen You can expect a tidy overview and a real feast for the eyes on a 4K TV. Each game has its own submenu in which you can find information and media content, as well as DLCs.

The application is a completely new menu item "Explore" (in German: Discover) with which you can find out all the news and reports about your favorite games. So you are always informed about what is currently trending and going on in the community. Also the PlayStation store is now seamlessly integrated into your start screen and thanks to the SSD is super fast loaded when you are browsing for new games.

Of course, you also have access to other non-game-related applications in the start menu, such as Social media apps.

It is best to finish the following games on your PS4 before the PS5 celebrates its release, because they will not run on the next-gen:

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With the release of the "PlayStation 5" user interface, Sony has put in the final piece of the puzzle before the console's big release takes place. The new control elements show pleasant innovations and improvements that should make the gaming experience more pleasant.

Mandy Strut
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