Sony has a pre-Christmas present ready for you. For a short time you can also jump into your favorite multiplayer games without a "PS Plus" subscription.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation: what do you need PS Plus for?

Sony’s service has a number of advantages. Both monthly free games as well as exclusive discounts and 100 GB of cloud storage. But above all, PS Plus enables that Online multiplayer, which is denied to owners of the PS4 and PS5 without the subscription service.

PS5 owners can currently access the Collection with PS Plus. This contains 20 of the best PS4 gameswhich, thanks to sharing, can also be downloaded onto the PS4 to share with the family. But be careful! This is only allowed as long as it happens in your own household and there is no money involved. Sony is keeping a close eye on this and has already banned thousands of accounts for this reason. But now back to the free multiplayer weekend.

In December, Sony will treat you a free online weekend, where you can play blockbusters like FIFA 21, GTA Online, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty online even without PS Plus.

PS Plus: When does the free weekend take place?

The starting shot is given on the night of December 18th to December 19th at midnight. The event then ends on Sunday December 20th at 11:59 p.m.. During this time you can let off steam in both co-op adventures and multiplayer competitions.

If there is no free campaign running, PS Plus costs 8.99 euros for one month, 24.99 euros for three months or 59.99 euros for a whole year, with the latter option ultimately offering the best conditions.

PlayStation Plus membership | 12 months | German account | PS4 download code "src ="

PlayStation Plus membership | 12 months | German account | PS4 download code

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