New year, new PS Plus games! Not only action fans but also RPG fans get their money's worth this time. There are two games for the PS4, one is exclusively available to the lucky PS5 owners for download.

PlayStation 4

New PS Plus games in January: The free games for PS4 and PS5

Happy customers to all PlayStation Plus subscribers: Sony's subscription service will give you access to 3 new free games again in January 2021 – two of them for the PS4, one is exclusively for PS5 players. You can secure the games from January 5th, 2021 to February 1st, 2021.

Not yet a PS Plus customer? You can secure the one-year subscription on Amazon.

You can win these free games in January 2021:

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider you slip back into the role of Lara Croft and just have to prevent the apocalypse. Sneaking, action, climbing and puzzle passages alternate at regular intervals.

With GreedFall, however, all RPG fans get their money's worth. As a newcomer to a mystical island you are looking for a cure for a mysterious diseaseplaguing your family.

Maneater lets you slip into the role of a shark, who seeks revenge after the brutal murder of his mother! From the third-person perspective you steer your shark through numerous bodies of water, slowly but surely grow into a real beast, compete with other water dwellers and sometimes nibble on one or the other person.

The "Game Pass" for the PlayStation – with PS Now you can play numerous games for a fixed monthly fee without having to buy them:

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What actually is PlayStation Plus – and is it worth it?

To be able to play online, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. That enables you to Multiplayer mode to use and introduce yourselves Cloud storage for save games and other available. Additionally you get special offers in the PlayStation Storethat only members receive and ultimately at least two free games per month.

Does this cost money? Yes, the service costs you EUR 59.99 a year, EUR 24.99 for three months and EUR 8.99 for one month. Every now and then, the individual subscriptions are also offered at a reduced price.

You can either do this directly via the PlayStation Store or at Amazon – You will either receive a PS Plus card or a download code.