Sony is to begin with the delivery of the PlayStation 5 to the first partners

from David Martin
The release of the PS5 is getting closer: The new console should come on the market at the end of the year. Production seems to be in full swing: As reports, Sony is expected to deliver the first PlayStation 5 consoles to wholesale partners in August. The offer is to be continuously increased until the launch in the Christmas business. Sony is apparently planning to deliver ten percent more consoles than for the PlayStation 4. A price and an exact release date are not yet available. Further details could follow in August.

Sony is preparing for the release of the PS5. The publisher confirmed in a current financial report that the market launch is still planned for the end of 2020. Production seems to be already running. How reported in relation to unspecified sources, the delivery of the first PlayStation 5 consoles to wholesale partners should begin as early as August. Little by little, Sony wants to increase the number of units shipped. Compared to the PS4, Sony wants to deliver ten percent more copies of the PlayStation 5 to retailers.

This should not lead to a shortage for the PS5 launch. Fans remember: the PlayStation 4 was sold out in many places when it was launched on the market. If you still wanted to hold one of the consoles in your hands at the launch, you had to take a detour via third-party providers. The consoles initially changed owners for four-digit amounts via Ebay. According to Hardwaretimes, Sony expects to sell ten million consoles worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2020 alone. The production of the PS5 takes place according to the report in China and Taiwan.

A black DualSense controller for PS5 was recently certified from Taiwan – along with the first pictures. So far, Sony has only presented both the console and the gamepad in a white and black color scheme. A price and an exact release date are not yet known. The PlayStation 5 (buy now) appears in two models at the market launch. In addition to a standard version with a Blu-ray drive, a console designed exclusively for digital gaming without a disc drive is also planned. recently reported that further details on the PS5 may follow in August.

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