Sony job ad announces concrete release month of PlayStation 5

from David Martin
Sony is preparing for the launch of the PS5: the new console is scheduled to be launched in late 2020. So far, the publisher has kept a specific release date secret. A Japanese job posting could have at least revealed the launch month. The job posting from Sony Interactive Entertainment shows that the PS5 release is planned for October. No official announcement from Sony has been received so far. Impressions of the first PlayStation 5 games are expected in May or June.

Sony has announced the PS5 for late 2020. The release takes place during the Christmas season. The publisher is still keeping a specific date for the PlayStation 5 secret. A Japanese job advertisement could now provide an indication of the possible launch month. A job advertisement posted by Sony Interactive Entertainment for a manager of the PlayStation business shows that the PS5 release will take place in October 2020. The tender was in Japanese Rikunabi job portal switched. The Twitter account Nibellion captured the ad on a screenshot.

So far it cannot be said whether the creator of the job advertisement for the PS5 made a mistake. However, it is also possible that the employee responsible for the job application already knows the date of the PlayStation 5 – and incorrectly revealed it early on via the advertisement. So far, no statement has been received from Sony. On the PlayStation 5 website the company continues to announce that the new console is planned for Christmas 2020. A launch in October is therefore not entirely improbable.

A market launch would be conceivable at the end of October 2020 – shortly before the financially strong deal weeks around Black Friday in November. The website reported in April that Sony was aiming for a worldwide simultaneous release of the PlayStation 5. Fans remember: The PS4 first appeared on November 15, 2013 in the USA, followed on November 29 by the launch in Europe. Japanese players had to wait until February 2014 for the PS4 release.

As soon as we receive further information, you will find out as usual in our news area. Recently there have been repeated reports about a PS5 presentation in May or June. Sony could present further, still missing details about the PlayStation 5 at a digital event. In addition to a release date, the company also holds information about the price. There are also no tangible information about the first games. After all, the Official PlayStation Magazine has promised impressions of the first PS5 games for its edition, which will be released in early June.

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