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Sony has registered the patent for a new VR controller that even takes the position of your fingers into account. May we get a new control method with PSVR 2?

Sony apparently working on a new VR controller that not only tracks the position of your hands but also your fingers – similar to how the Valves Index controller does.

A new controller for PSVR 2?

The controller looks a bit like a Wii Remote in the pictures, but it is thicker and can be attached to the hand with a buckle. For legal reasons, you can view pictures via the source link below. A sensor bar recognizes where your fingers are so that their position can be displayed in a VR game. This should make it possible to make a fist or grab objects.

The whole thing works like this: If a finger lies on the sensor bar, it is recognized as curved. If a finger does not touch the bar, it is stretched out. The buckle on the controller makes it possible to reach out all fingers without the controller falling to the ground.

What Sony intends to do with this patent is still unclear. It would be conceivable that we can get a new controller for Playstation VR 2.

Source: UploadVR

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