Monday, May 17, 2021

Sony provides important console functions with an update

In an FAQ on the PlayStation Blog, Sony stated that it finally wanted to submit a long-awaited feature on the PS5. However, one important piece of information is left open.

PlayStation 5
Many PS5 owners will be pleased with this news. (Background: Sony)

Unfortunately for the release of the PlayStation 5 not all functions are available immediately been. For example, the additional SSD slot cannot yet be used. Little by little, Sony is adding the important functions with one update after the other. Among other things, the new console supports the transmission standard HDMI 2.1, but so far no VRR. But that should change soon.

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Sony steps up: PS5 update brings the VRR standard

Like Sony in one FAQ on the PlayStation Blog confirmed, will a future firmware update finally make VRR possible on the PlayStation 5. In this case, the Xbox Series X has the edge, the Microsoft console already supports the feature. The differences are already noticeable here: Anyone who owns a VRR-compatible television has one smoother picture. So it's time for the PS5 to follow suit. When Sony will release the new firmware update, however, is still unknown.

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Who is this VRR? And why is that so important to the PS5?

VRR is a special feature of the HDMI 2.1 standard. The "Variable Refresh Rate" is currently supported by rather high-quality televisions. you prevents so-called image tears with fluctuating frame rates. This is prevented by synchronizing the frame rates of the display and console. Otherwise you would notice a slight jerking or tearing. For a optimal gaming experience so you should have a gaming television that also supports the standard.