Sony seems to be preparing a first PS5 bundle. As the Twitter channel “StationOfPlay” reports, the package includes a PlayStation 5 and the adventure Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. According to the information, the game is included as a disc version. In addition, the bundle packaging is given a design typical of such game packages – and shines in the look of the new Ratchet & Clank. A price is also already available. As the Twitter channel claims to have found out, the bundle costs 569.99 euros (PS5 with Blu-ray drive). Before that, information from a dealer database appeared, but the bundle sold it for 599 euros. The information seems to be unrealistic, however, as it would be more expensive than buying it individually.

The PS5 bundle will be released on June 11th, at the same time as the new adventure is released. It remains to be seen whether the report will come true. The same applies to the possible availability of the package: The standard consoles are still completely out of stock. Even seven months after the release, it takes patience and a bit of luck to be able to buy one of the new consoles. Dealers sometimes have consoles in stock.

However, the stocks are usually sold out again within a few minutes. It is best to get one on Twitter set up bot to follow, which scans the PS5 availability at German retailers and sends a message as soon as the PlayStation 5 (buy now ) is available. Also have a look at our updated daily Bargain guide over. As soon as we receive new information about the PS5 bundle, you will find out as usual in our news area. As Sony has not yet announced such a game package, the information should be treated with caution.

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