Something has happened on the PlayStation YouTube channel – Sony is showing a new teaser trailer for the PS5. The reactions of the players are clear, namely clearly annoyed.

PlayStation 5

PS5 trailer: Sony shows the features of the console

Sony supplies the console fans with a brand new one Teaser trailer to the PS5. This is titled with "Breathtaking immersion" and once again puts all the features and advantages of the upcoming console in the foreground. Check out the commercial posted on YouTube: [/ embed]

The trailer presents Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon: Forbidden West and Demon's Souls, among others. Based on the games, Sony once again focuses on them new features the PlayStation 5. The much-advertised 3D audio, the haptic feedback and the adaptive trigger of the DualSense as well as the impressive graphics and lightning-fast loading times.

All information that not only attentive fans have known for a long time. You can also find these in our practical PS5 article about the price and release of the console.

Comments on YouTube speak for themselves

Sony's advertising strategy seems to get on the minds of many gamers. In the comments below the trailer, they clearly communicate that they finally want new details. Of course it is PS5 price with the main point that these address. Instead, Sony is constantly chewing the known information and So once again disappoints the fans.

Many of the answers amuse themselves about Sony's game of hide-and-seek at the price and release of the next-gen console. For example, the user Perfectly Sliced ​​Egg writes:

“Hey Sony, what's the price? Sony: Whatever Microsoft charges, minus one dollar "

Hugh G Reaction also points to Sony's ongoing reluctance with his comment:

"Me: price? Sony: Adaptive Triggers. Me: price? Sony: 3D audio. "

The YouTube user Venom also shows the clear opinion of the console players:

“Can we find out a release date and the price? Sony: Has anyone asked for another PS5 trailer? "

It stands to reason that it is part of Sony's Marketing strategy is to keep releasing trailers for the PS5. With the ongoing secrecy about the price and release date of the PS5, such reactions from players are more than understandable.

Enough secrecy, this quiz is all about hard facts about the PlayStation:

Do you know about Sony and their consoles? We have 10 facts for you here that you have to guess whether it is true or false information. Donald Trump has a special PlayStation, the Destiny makers are behind the design of the PS4 controller? Test yourself in this quiz and find out how well you know the PlayStation!

It is a shame that many players no longer seem to be happy about trailers for the PS5, but are rather annoyed by Sony's approach. The console's features are great, but new information is high on fans' wish lists.

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