Sony solves the memory problem with an ingenious trick

The SSD in the new PS5 offers just 825 GB of storage space – a large part is already occupied by the operating system and other important programs. So is the memory of the new console used up in no time? The problem is known to Sony and should be circumvented with an ingenious trick.

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Sony's PS5 trick: games are installed modularly

With a capacity of just 825 GB, the size of the PS5 SSD is relatively small. Even the PS4 Pro was sold with 1 TB of storage space – but significantly cheaper and slower hard drives are used here. But it gets worse. Because according to a leak, the players of Sony's new console only have 664 GB of storage space available after the setup – the rest is occupied by system files.

If you look at the installation sizes of classic PS4 games, you quickly come to the conclusion: That is not much space! But Sony has an ace up its sleeve that should solve this problem: the modular installation of games. PS4 players already know this feature from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The first person shooter allows its users to install multiplayer and campaign individually in order to save massive amounts of storage space.

Sony would like to offer the same technology for the PS5 as well Wired reported. So if you are only interested in the single player of your favorite game, you don't need to download and install the multiplayer as well. That saves a lot of space on the SSD.

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Too big games on PS5? This avoids the problem

In addition, developers have previously installed a lot of data in multiple runs on the hard drive of the PS4 in order to reduce access times. Replacing the HDD with an SSD eliminates the need for data redundancy – or in short: Even more data can be saved.

Despite backward compatibility, not all PS4 games also run on the PlayStation 5. You will have to do without these games:

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We also know from an official video that the PS5 can be easily dismantled and expanded with a standard PCIe 4.0 SSD. However, gamers should check whether their SSD is on the list of Sony's PS5-compatible models before purchasing. A corresponding document should be available online at the latest after the PlayStation 5 goes on sale.

Despite Sony's efforts to reduce data the memory of the PS5 should be quite tight. We only know more details when we hold the console in our hands and have installed some games on it.

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