Due to the ongoing pandemic and the fact that most people currently have to stay at home, the Internet and online gaming are in greater demand than usual. The network is also under pressure in Europe. Sony therefore wants to slow down the download speed.

The corona virus currently has a major impact on everyday life and many people have to stay at home. Accordingly, many are now on the Internet longer. To keep the internet accessible and stable, streaming and video portals are already slowing down the quality and PS4 players will now also feel this.

If unique, then right.

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Sony wants to contribute

Sony has now announcedthat the company is working with internet providers in Europe, to manage and customize download speeds for PlayStation:

“We believe that it is important to do our part to remove concerns about the stability of the Internet, as an unprecedented number of people rely on Internet access at the same time. Players may be able to download their games a bit slower or late, but they will still enjoy robust gameplay. "

This is how our community reacts

While some from the GIGA Games community are quite understanding or take the whole thing with humor, others are not at all satisfied with the situation.

Melanie Jäggle: "Perfectly fine!"

Michael Casey: "I think it's good # solidarity"

Oliver Güth: "Nooooch slower !? So I have to connect the 56k modem again to get speed back into the Playstation"

Jessy Ju: "Fantastic … not"

Daniel Klapproth: "How far do you want to throttle them?"

We will of course keep you up to date on how long these measures will have to take and what may be added.