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A rumor is currently circulating that Sony is interested in buying Zenimax. According to an insider, a deal is about to be closed.

It is just a rumor and it is very uncertain whether there is really anything to it. Nevertheless, the idea behind it is quite interesting: Supposedly it is Sony in negotiations with Zenimax to buy the company.

Zenimax under the guise of Sony?

An alleged insider claims that both companies are in negotiations and contracts could be signed in late January or early February. This is not entirely improbable, but it also sounds suspiciously like fake. Because the same insider claims that Bethesda's science fiction role-playing game Starfield was discontinued about three months ago. The focus should now be on The Elder Scrolls 6 to bring the RPG 2022 to the market.

You keep hearing that there is a problem with the development of Starfield, but it seems unlikely that the project was stopped. On the other hand, however, it might make sense for Bethesda and Zenimax to prefer TES 6, because after Fallout 76 a big hit is needed again. And this would be more likely with a The Elder Scrolls 6 than with a new, unknown brand like Starfield.

Another person explainsthat she also heard about these rumors and that negotiations with Sony should be the reason that Doom Eternal and the Wastelanders update for Fallout 76 had to be postponed. Nevertheless: This is currently nothing more than a rumor. We may soon learn from Zenimax or Sony whether there is anything to it. The fact is, just like Microsoft, Sony is looking for developer studios to have exclusive games produced for its own consoles. There would be Zenimax, or Bethesda, a pretty big catch …

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