It has been talked about for a long time, now it’s official: The release of Horizon Forbidden West is postponed until next year. On February 18, 2022, the new PlayStation cracker will be released for PS4 and PS5.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West: Postponement rumors officially confirmed

It was now foreseeable that Horizon Forbidden West would be postponed to 2022. For several weeks, rumors and reports have been circulating on the net, suggesting that the release of Sony’s new action RPG for the PS4 and PS5 would be delayed. But now it’s finally official: During the opening night livestream of this year’s gamescom, the developers have now announced a release date: Horizon Forbidden West is slated for release on February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5 (Those: PlayStation). Pre-orders will be accepted from September 2nd, 2021.

For many PS5 owners this should be a hard blow, after all, until a few months ago it was still assumed that the gaming cracker would appear this year and thus become one of the highlights of the gaming year.

To keep the anticipation for Horizon Forbidden West going, you are welcome to take another look at the almost 20-minute gameplay sequence that was shown during the State of Play:

According to the statements of the development team, it seems above all the corona pandemic to be responsible for the postponement, because the team had to prepare for completely new workflows and face new challenges. However, you can tell that all fans later this year for new information about the game can look forward to – but there is no concrete indication of what it is.

PS5: The first part gets a 60 FPS patch

But at the end of the official blog entry there is also positive news for all fans of the series: Horizon Zero Dawn received a 60 FPS patch for the PS5. So if you wanted to play the first part before the release of the sequel anyway, you now have one more reason to do so. The update should be downloaded and installed automatically before starting the game.